What is Wellness Day?

Wellness Day encourages workplaces and communities to prioritise their health and get a health check that they may have been avoiding.

Whether it is a skin screening program in the office or time off for employees to attend a health check, we aspire to bring about lasting change in the way that communities encourage and prioritise regular health checks.

A health emergency

In response to alarming data showing that 8,000 Australian women were living with undiagnosed Breast Cancer due to a 37% reduction in screening1, Wellness Day was founded as a Novartis initiative allowing associates to take an additional day of leave to get a health check.

We want to send the message far and wide…put your wellness first and #getchecked!

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Did you know?


Australia has the highest melanoma rates in the world. It is expected that 16,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma this year. One person is diagnosed with melanoma every 30 minutes.2

The number of women dying from breast cancer has leapt dramatically, from eight per day to nine. In the past decade, the number of breast cancer cases has climbed from 14,693 to 20,030.3

Due the pandemic, at least 27,000 Australians are likely to have missed out on early detection for heart attack and stoke risks.4


In Victoria, around 2,500 cancer diagnoses were missed during the first six months of the pandemic.5


30-50% of all cancers are preventable6 and yet, in Australia 150,000 new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2021 alone7


Statistics show there were around 145,000 fewer screening mammograms performed through BreastScreen Australia from January to June 2020 compared with the same period in 2018.8

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What is a Health
Screening Check?

A health check is a necessity for protecting your health and may help prevent health issues or disease. Health checks can involve an array of tests, which vary depending on many factors such as your age, sex, family history, environment and behaviours. Listed below are some of the routine checks that you might want to consider as you participate in Wellness Day. Please check with your GP or health care professional on what is recommended:

Mental Health Matters

Wellness Day isn’t all about physical health checks. You might want to use your time to invest in your mental health and wellbeing too. Wellness Day is about you, so get checked.

Patient Organisation Partners

We have a partnered with the following patient organisations to ensure Wellness Day is a holistic initiative that promotes a synergy between corporate companies and communities to provide health and wellbeing through health checks, information and support networks.

Participating Businesses

Cheer on these businesses and organisations that have pledged to prioritize the health and wellness of their employees and communities and strive to bring about lasting change in prioritizing health and wellness.


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